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Where is Greater MetroWest New Jersey?

Just west of Manhattan, and comprised of Essex, Morris, Sussex, Union, and northern Somerset Counties. Some of the towns that may be more familiar to you are Livingston, Elizabeth, Morristown, and Basking Ridge. You can find a full listing here.

Why should I move to this area of New Jersey?

If you want an “out of town” community that is beautiful, sophisticated, bursting with cultural and Jewish communal amenities, and also just minutes away from New York (if that matters to you!) you owe it to yourself and your children to investigate Greater MetroWest. If you’re looking for high-quality Jewish day school education, you can’t do better than our diverse and excellent Jewish Day Schools offering move-in incentives, generous scholarship support, and Tuition MAX, our new program specially geared for middle income families.

What is the commute to New York like?

Many of our most popular communities have Midtown direct train service right to Penn Station. Virtually all communities have one or more commuter lines to the Port Authority. And of course, you can drive! By the way, the average commute from a New York City home to a New York City workplace is over 45 minutes each way. That’s the same amount of time from many of our communities and certainly worth a couple of extra minutes to live anywhere in Greater MetroWest.

Isn’t Jewish Day School for people who are religious?

Jewish Day Schools are for any family that is raising children in the 21st century and looking for solid Jewish values, traditions, and practices, to ground them within a community of like-minded families. And if you’re looking for a superb academic education, you will find none better than those provided by our excellent Jewish day schools.

Why should I send my child to Jewish Day School instead of Public school? Aren’t the New Jersey public schools great?

Yes they are, which makes living in Greater MetroWest of such great value. But added on to that value, you will have access to four award-winning Jewish day schools located all throughout Greater MetroWest providing a superior academic education fostered by intimate relations among the school communities and by the school administrations. Every school works in close partnership with parents enabling every child to reach his or her potential as a Jew and as a citizen of the world. In addition to providing high-quality 21st century Jewish education, all of our Jewish high schools have superior acceptance rates at colleges and universities throughout the world.

How do I know which school is right for my child?

Each Jewish day school in our area offers experienced professionals to guide you in making the best choice for your family, and if necessary for different children in different day schools. The schools will be very happy to talk or meet with you; if you would like to take a small first step, you are invited to contact Rebecca Hindin, the Manager of our Greater MetroWest Day School Initiative at or (973) 929-2962

You say that Jewish Day School is affordable…but is it really affordable?

Families who are working hard and earning middle income salaries should not feel excessively burdened by the cost of Jewish education. Each participating school has developed its own unique version of The “Tuition MAX” program where no family within the middle income range as defined by the school will pay more than 18% of their adjusted gross income (Line 37 of your most recent federal tax return) for a Jewish Day School education. You may pay less than 18% even if you earn up $300,000. Thanks to a generous grant by the Paula and Jerry Gottesman Family Supporting Foundation, we are the first community nation-wide to offer such an ambitious middle income grant program. So we believe the answer to your question is Yes!

What is “Tuition MAX”?

Tuition MAX is a uniquely Greater MetroWest program that offsets the cost of tuition for middle income families by capping tuition at a MAXimum percentage of income. We are determined that no middle income family will pay more than 18% of their Adjusted Gross Income for tuition at a participating local Jewish Day School. Some participating schools have a MAXimum as low as 10% for qualifying families.

Which schools participate in the Tuition MAX program?

The Tuition MAX program is already in place at Golda Och Academy in West Orange, Gottesman RTW Academy in Randolph, and the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy/Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School in Livingston.

What is the “Tuition MAX” Estimator?

The estimator is an easy tool for your personal use to see what the cost of tuition might be at any of the participating schools. We have programmed the Estimator to include all of the variables pertinent to each participating school so that you can easily estimate what the cost of tuition would be for your family. The results are approximate, and they are anonymous.

How do I calculate my Adjusted Gross Income?

We use line 37 on tax returns to determine the AGI of a family who is applying to the Tuition MAX program in any of these schools.

What if our annual income is less than $150,000?

All of the schools in our area offer generous scholarships to families who fall below the middle income range. For more information about the scholarship program at each school, please contact the admissions department at your school of interest.

How does the school verify the information that I input into the Tuition MAX Estimator?

The Tuition MAX estimator is a tool to help you understand the cost of tuition for the coming school year, but each individual school will require you to formally apply for the middle income program using their own internal system. They will verify the information that you have provided and then confirm your eligibility. Most schools require less supplementary documentation when applying for Tuition MAX than a traditional scholarship application.

Is the Tuition MAX Estimator anonymous?

Absolutely. The Tuition MAX estimator is completely anonymous. Should you want to refer back to the information at a later date or reference the data during a conversation with the school, we can email you a reference number (to do what with?).

I am a current Jewish day school parent. Does the Tuition MAX program help me?

YES! All of the schools that participate in this program are making it available for new and current families.

Ok, I’ve got my estimated tuition from the Tuition MAX Estimator. Now what?

Now is the perfect time to get in touch with the school and set up a tour, or visit one of the schools at a fun, community-wide program, such as one of these! For more information on all of the schools, visit our site at

Is there additional financial assistance beyond the Tuition MAX program?

Families who move into “Greater MetroWest New Jersey” from outside of the area can apply for an additional $1800 move-in grant here. Families who may require additional tuition subsidies because of various circumstances may decide to apply for a traditional scholarship instead, even if they fall within the middle income range. The schools are ready to have this conversation with you to determine what is best for your unique situation.

Whom can I contact for more information about the school I am interested in?